Our Mission

The Ghetto Youths Foundation is a non-profit organization created to provide a helping hand — to support the fundamental needs of underprivileged people anywhere…

Let the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, the aged protected, and the infants cared for…

The Ghetto Youths Foundation is dedicated to creating social change and equity, with a focus on providing opportunity to young people, seniors, and families from compromised communities and challenging situations.

For more than two decades, the Family of the legendary Bob Marley — artist, prophet, world-renown messenger of peace and equality — have very quietly and humbly created life-changing, innovative, and impactful outreach initiatives across the globe.  Today, the Ghetto Youths Foundation proudly carries on this legacy of giving through charitable works and programs.

From subsidized meals for seniors in Jamaica, to school scholarships for students in Ethiopia, to helping teen mothers in America, the work of the Foundation is about providing universal opportunity.

“And down here, down here in the ghetto… and down here, we suffer.”

Bob Marley