Stephen Marley, along with his brothers Damian and Julian Marley, form the Board of Directors of the Foundation.  The three brothers, share a dedicated vision to give back in ways that are generationally impactful within global communities where opportunities are scarce.  The multi-Grammy Award winners often write about social injustice and equal opportunity for all.  The works of the Ghetto Youth Foundation take this message straight into communities in need across the globe…

As early as 1979, a seven year old Stephen started his musical career as part of the child band the Melody Makers alongside older siblings Ziggy, Sharon, and Cedella. The Melody Makers recorded the song “Children Playing in the Streets” written by their father Bob Marley. Proceeds from the sales of the song went to the United NationsChildren’s Fund (UNICEF).

Today, this legacy lives on in the dedicated work of the Ghetto Youths Foundation, as giving back represents a fundamental commitment to universal opportunity.