2018 Fiscal Year Programming

Current programming for the 2018 Fiscal Year includes the following initiatives which are operated out of Trenchtown, but open to the wider community and serving multiple diverse constituents:

  • Elder Groceries: One of the most vital programs of the Foundation, this initiative provides monthly groceries, distributed to more than 350 elders in the community, and made possible through donations to the Ghetto Youths Foundation.
  • Educational Initiatives:
    • GSATS/High School Tuition Program: The GSAT is the common entrance exam, required for admission to any high school in Jamaica. The cost of the high school entrance fee and tuition can be prohibitive to many families, and therefore, the Foundation’s subsidy provides a needed bridge to advancing education for young people across the country.
    • Back to School Book Vouchers: This program helps support continuing engagement in education by subsidizing the often costly required books for school students who otherwise would not have access to all the necessary tools for learning.
    • Homework Center: The Foundation is currently building a homework and computer center in Trenchtown to provide a safe place within the community, where students can come to complete homework projects and school assignments. The Homework Center provides support and access — underlining the importance of education as a pathway to success.
  • Give Back Treat Events:
    • Back to School Treat: An annual tradition dating back to the 1970’s when Bob himself would give assistance to young children heading back to school. Today, the Foundation provides an annual treat where music is played, food is provided, and hundreds of children from the community and surrounding communities are welcomed. Bags, books, pencils, sharpeners and other basic school supplies are given out, and the children enjoy a positive experience, which encourages community and education.
    • Christmas Treat: During this special time of the year, the Foundation sponsors a full day where the community comes together – to enjoy rides, and gifts, food and festivities.
  • Sporting Events: These community events provide a rare opportunity to create togetherness and unity, alleviating some of the daily tensions and stressors inherent to inner cities. These events also help to surface and encourage talent and leadership. Football (soccer), netball, and other types of competitions, all serve as a fun way to bring people together on common ground.
  • Loved One Assistance: At some of the most difficult and challenging times, laying a loved one to rest can be cost prohibitive for many families. In these instances, the Foundation often steps in to help subsidize some of the costs to cover the arrangements.