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Pic Love Conversations: Tarrus Riley


Sunday, November 15 at 6pm EST.

Purchase your exclusive ticket for a private Zoom with Tarrus Riley!
Limited to 25 guests per Zoom; each guest will receive a private Zoom invite and have the opportunity to ask the acclaimed singer, songwriter, and all around artist one question of your choice!

All proceeds directly benefit Ghetto Youths Foundation’s work with communities in need!



During these challenging times, when we cannot be together for live music… cultural inspiration… and spiritual upliftment….
Everyone needs a little less stress and a little more love — now, coming at you via Zoom with Ghetto Youths Foundation’s PIC LOVE CONVERSATIONS!

Join your favorite artist for a private Zoom session — limited to no more than 25 guests per session — and get the chance to ask your most burning question directly to the Artist! How are you coping during Covid? What are you eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? What’s the one song you have on repeat? Can you share a sneak peak into new music in the works?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have (virtual) face time with Artists in their own private domain!

And the best part?
All proceeds go to charity!
Your ticket purchase directly supports the Ghetto Youths Foundation outreach programs around the world, providing critical resources to communities in need, with a special emphasis on the newly opened Cornerstone Learning Center in Trench Town, Jamaica (include link to Cornerstone page).

As a special thank you, we are providing every ticket buyer with a 50% discount code on the entire Pic Love Jewelry Collection. Shop it here!


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Sunday, Nov 15, 2020